McClelland Insurance was founded in 1971 by Jack and Annora McClelland. Jack’s background was banking and finance. In those days it was common to be transferred from town to town every few years when employed by a bank. The McClelland Family, with four young boys heavily involved in local sports, was faced with another transfer when Annora put her foot down. She refused the transfer, and encouraged Jack to resign so the family could remain in Brampton and establish a permanent home.

Jack originally had two partners and the business sold insurance and real estate. The partnership lasted less than two years with Jack buying out his partners and deciding to focus on insurance products. Annora supported the venture in those early days through selling life insurance.

Almost any broker will tell you that price is not the end all be all of insurance, and would rather sell based on coverage that is right for a given client. None the less, we have always realized the importance of competitive pricing, and owe our success in the early days to the ability to provide it. “You had to have a good price to get business because you were not known.”, said Jack about the early days, “It was more good fortune than good management that I was an agent for a company with very competitive rates.”

Jack’s commitment to selling a quality product and his “customer first” approach to doing business launched the Brokerage in the right direction. The Brokerage is now owned by the next generation, Jack’s sons Al and Bruce McClelland. While the Brokerage has grown, the founding principles continue to guide us; quality products, competitive pricing, and a customer first attitude.