How Can I Lower My Insurance Costs?

There are in fact many ways to get a discount on your premium. Some companies offer discounts for low kilometer use or if two or more vehicles are insured for the same household. Buying a car with a lower-cost insurance rating will also help lower your cost. Graduating from an approved driver training course will allow new drivers a discount. Retirees with no employment income receive a discount and some companies provide other discounts to mature drivers over age 55.

Some companies provide an extra discount when renewing policies for long-time customers who are claims-free. You may be eligible for a discount if you choose to bundle your home and car with the same company. You may get a discount if you install loss prevention devices, such as a car immobilizer. If you have an older car, you could drop collision insurance. If your car is not used in winter, speak to your broker about arranging an agreement of suspension of coverage endorsement. That will possibly increase your deductible and could give you a lower premium.

Speak to your broker about what discounts might apply for you.