What Insurance Is Optional And Not Required By Law?

The following insurance is optional coverage; therefore you’re not required by law to purchase these types of insurance. However, if your car is not paid off, the person or group you’re making payments to may require you to have two types of coverage to protect their interest in your vehicle: collision and comprehensive coverage.

Collision or Upset – pays for damage to your vehicle to the extent that you are at fault or for damage caused by an unidentified vehicle or object.

Comprehensive  – pays for all insured damage to your vehicle except for collision damage (e.g., pays for fire, theft and vandalism).

All Perils – combines collision and comprehensive. It’s the broadest coverage available and it includes all types of coverage unless one aspect is specifically excluded.

Specified Perils – pays only for losses caused by perils specifically listed in the policy (primarily fire and theft).

Increased Liability – you may buy coverage beyond the minimum required by law. We recommend drivers carry $1 million or $2 million, we also have options for even higher limits.

Increased Accident Benefits – you can buy coverage beyond the minimum required by law. Increased income replacement, housekeeping, caregiving and home maintenance. Increased medical, rehabilitation and attendant care. Increased death, increased funeral coverage and more.

There are many optional choices if you want more coverage. Speak with your broker for more information.