Architects are highly specialized professionals who design structures that define our landscape. In a technical profession such as this, precision is of utmost importance. Whether you are a consultant, small or large architecture design firm, you need to make sure that your design stand the test of time. From small projects to complex builds, protect your business with the right insurance solutions.

Why you should choose our insurance brokerage to protect your architect business
Commercial General Liability Insurance

One of the most comprehensive liability coverages that covers legal costs and damages in the event that you are sued in relation to your operations.

Property Insurance

Coverage against loss or damage for your building or office, as well as furniture, equipment and inventory.

Professional Liability Insurance

Coverage for legal costs in the event that you are sued for negligence or errors during the course of your work as an architect.

Cyber Liability Insurance – optional coverage to cover costs of managing a data breach, legal liability and financial loss

As more businesses go online to manage operations and reach customers, the risks of cybercrime increase and can be costly to repair. 

Key Coverage

Common Claims

Professional Liability

Your client sues you for errors in your design or plan that resulted in a redesign and rebuild of the structure.

General Liability

A client slips and falls in your office and sues you for bodily injury.


You experienced a break and enter in your office resulting in damage and theft of computers and other equipment.

Cyber Liability

You fell victim to an email phishing incident and your clients’ personal information was stolen, requiring specialists to repair your system, provide credit monitoring and legal defence. 

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