Insuring a Death Star – Peek into a Commercial Quote

Bored economists and Star Wars fans around the world have tried to estimate the real world cost of constructing a Death Star.   Being an insurance broker, that got me thinking; what would it cost to insure one of these things? Aside from the construction risks of such a mega structure, The Empire’s bases and spacecraft […]

Know your business’ cyber risks

A privacy breach takes place every two seconds in Canada. Businesses of every size are facing serious risks to their operations when it comes to data. The data that organizations need to collect to simply do business is under constant attack. Consumers expect that their data is kept secure from unwanted data exposure, but the […]

Don’t drive high

Getting high and driving is not only dangerous, it’s against the law. According to a recent study by the Government of Canada, driving after cannabis use remains a top road safety concern for Canadians. In a  public opinion research conducted by Public Safety Canada in January 2022 and the results of the 2021 Canadian Cannabis Survey, it […]

Spring checklist to keep your car in tiptop shape

Winter can be tough on your car. Make sure you’re ready for the summer with these maintenance tips. Slushy, dirty roads can damage your vehicle’s body, while frigid temperatures make your engine work overtime. Let’s face it, winter is tough on everything. Your car needs more than a spring-cleaning to get it ready for summer […]

It’s Road Trip Season!

No matter where your drive takes you, make sure your Ontario auto insurance policy has the coverage you need. Summer is almost upon us and it’s the perfect season to explore Ontario and enjoy the natural beauty of our great country. Whether you drive up to the cottage, on the Trans-Canada highway to Nova Scotia, […]