Commercial Property

As a commercial building owner, you face a number of risks as part of owning and renting out your property to tenants. From a slip and fall to vandalism, water damage or fire, it’s important to have the right protection in place for your property. We’re here to help you keep the lights on for your property and tenants with policies that provide coverage to suit your business.

Why you should choose our insurance brokerage for your commercial building
Property Insurance

Coverage for the building and grounds, signs, equipment, computer equipment and more.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Covers legal costs and damages in the event that you are sued as a result of an injury or property damage within your premises.

Loss of Income

Helps cover rental income lost if the building is shut down due to a covered claim.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Coverage to repair building systems such as air conditioning, heating, boilers and more in the event of a breakdown.

Cyber Liability Insurance – optional coverage to cover costs of managing a data breach, legal liability and financial loss

As more businesses go online to manage operations and reach customers, the risks of cybercrime increase and can be costly to repair. 

Key Coverage

Common Claims

As a commercial property manager, there are several common insurance claims that you may encounter. Here are a few examples:

Slip and Fall

A tenant slipped and fell down the stairs in your building and sues for bodily injury.


The building was broken into and one of your tenants’ office was vandalized one of that they had to shut down for a week.

Equipment Breakdown

The water heater of the building broke down and requires repairs.


The business experienced a denial of service attack and lost access to the entire computer system was offline for several days, requiring specialists to restore access and data.