Consultants are sought after for their expertise, providing valuable advice to a wide range of businesses and organizations. From IT consultants, to human resources, marketing, media, project management and so much more, you need professional liability insurance. Also known as errors and omissions insurance, this type of policy provides coverage for your consultancy practice against legal action as a result of the professional service and advice that you give your clients.

As a consultant, you should also consider commercial general liability insurance if you have clients visit you in your office, whether at your home or elsewhere; and cyber insurance if your handle your clients’ personal information or those of their customers.

Why you should choose our insurance brokerage for your consultancy business
Professional Liability

Coverage for legal costs in the event that you are sued for negligence or errors during the course of your work as a consultant.

General Liability

Coverage for legal costs and damages in the event that you are sued as a result of an injury or property damage within your premises during the course of your work as a consultant.

Cyber Liability

Coverage for the costs of managing a data breach, your legal liability and financial loss.

Key Coverage

Common Claims

Professional Negligence

Your client sues you for negligence or error in the advice and service you provided that resulted in their financial loss.

Slip and Fall

A client visited you in your home office where they slipped and fell, and sues you for bodily injury.


You fell victim to an email phishing incident and your clients’ personal information was stolen, requiring specialists to repair your system, provide credit monitoring and legal defence.