At McClelland Insurance, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with information and education about the insurance process, including disclosures about our ownership and how we’re paid.


McClelland Insurance Brokers Limited is privately owned and managed by the McClelland Family.  There are no other direct or indirect financial relationships or interest that affect the operations of our brokerage. This means that we are not owned, partially or wholly, by any insurance company. 

Individual Brokers

Our insurance brokers are highly experienced to provide you with expert advice. They receive a salary and don’t rely on commissions. In addition to a base salary, our brokers get a small incentive for excellent customer service based on feedback, and for each policy placed. 

Contingent Profit Commissions

Contingent Profit Commissions refers to monetary incentives that are tied to our brokerage’s performance. This commission is calculated by the insurance company and is not guaranteed. Payment of this commission depends on a combination of growth, profitability, volume, and the additional services that we provide, among many other criteria.

We have a contingent commission contract in place with all the insurance companies that we work with. This compensation is based on our entire portfolio of business with each company, and not on individual policies.


The compensation that we receive is set and controlled by the insurance companies that we partner with, which is a percentage of your insurance premium and is included in the amount that you pay.

This represents our revenue, from which we pay for our operations, as well as the investments that we make in technology to make managing your insurance policies easier and faster for both you and us.

This is the range of commissions we receive from the insurance companies we work with, based on the types of policies that we place:

Personal Automobile : 10% to 14%

Personal Property & Liability
(homeowners, condominium, tenants) :
 15% to 20%

Business Automobile : 7.5% to 25%

Business Property & Liability : 15% to 22.5%

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