The retail industry accounts for a significant portion of the Canadian economy, employing about 11% of the country’s workforce. A robust industry that includes the production and sale of merchandise, to in-store and online shopping, retailers big and small need the right insurance solution to protect their operations. Whether you sell online or have a small storefront selling merchandise such as clothes and shoes, or flowers and candles; or own a convenience store or grocery – you need insurance for your property, inventory, liability and so much more.

Why you should choose our insurance brokerage for your retail operations
Commercial Property 

Coverage for the building and grounds, signs, equipment, computer equipment and more.


Covers legal costs and damages in the event that you are sued as a result of an injury or property damage that occurred within your premises.

Product Liability

Coverage for legal costs and damages in the event that you are sued as a result of a defect in the product that you manufacture, distribute or sell.

Cyber Liability – optional coverage to cover costs of managing a data breach, legal liability and financial loss

As more businesses go online to manage operations and reach customers, the risks of cybercrime increase and can be costly to repair. 

Key Coverage

Common Claims

Slip and Fall

A customer tenant slipped and fell while shopping in your store and sued the business for bodily injury.

Product Liability

A customer with a peanut allergy bought a product from your store that didn’t list peanuts as an ingredient and as a result suffered a severe allergy attack.


Your computer system was hacked resulting in your business being offline for days and customer data compromised, requiring specialists to restore your system and provide credit monitoring services to customers affected.