Spring checklist to keep your car in tiptop shape

Winter can be tough on your car. Make sure you’re ready for the summer with these maintenance tips.

Slushy, dirty roads can damage your vehicle’s body, while frigid temperatures make your engine work overtime. Let’s face it, winter is tough on everything. Your car needs more than a spring-cleaning to get it ready for summer road trips. Whether you do it yourself or take your vehicle to a mechanic, our spring maintenance recommendations help you prepare for spring and summer.

  • Change and rotate the tires and examine your vehicle’s tires for both general and uneven wear.
  • Test the air conditioning to make sure it blows cold air. If not, you may need the refrigerant topped up.
  • Don’t forget to check coolant levels. Overheating is a possible cause of breakdowns and vehicle fires, especially in hot summer weather.
  • Consider replacing the wiper blades as winter might have worn out your wipers so badly they streak up the windshield.
  • Wash and wax your auto as the road salt and sand mixes used to melt winter snow and ice can accumulate on the undersides of your vehicle and trigger corrosion
  • Adjust your driving habits to the season as spring and summer can mean heavy rain, windstorms, close encounters with wildlife, and more.
  • Beware of potholes and keep your tires properly inflated so they’re more prepared to sustain a bump. If you hit a big pothole, have your tires, wheels, and suspension checked by a mechanic because your vehicle may have endured serious damage.
  • Share the road and be cautious of cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians
  • Summer also brings increased construction on our roads and highways so be prepared to stop or slow down.