Wholesalers and Distributors

As a business owner in the wholesale and distribution industry, you’re busy managing large stocks of inventory and the premises and logistics involved in your operations. With fast-moving goods and varied service offerings to retailers, business and institutional clients, you need to make sure that your operations move like clock-work. Whether you are small wholesaler offering niche products, or a large operation with a variety of goods, you need to protect your business to keep your products moving with the right insurance solution.

Why you should choose our insurance brokerage for your wholesale and distribution operations

Commercial General Liability Insurance

One of the most comprehensive liability coverages that covers legal costs and damages in the event that you are sued in relation to your wholesale and distribution operations.

Commercial Property Insurance

Coverage against loss or damage for your warehouse, building or office, as well as furniture, equipment and inventory.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto insurance for vehicles that you use for your operations – it’s similar to a personal auto policy that provides coverage for business use.

Cargo and Transit Insurance

Coverage for goods during transport by sea, air or land.

Cyber Liability Insurance – optional coverage to cover costs of managing a data breach, legal liability and financial loss

As more businesses go online to manage operations and reach customers, the risks of cybercrime increase and can be costly to repair. 

Key Coverage

Common Claims

Wholesalers and distributors face a wide range of risks that can lead to costly insurance claims. Some of the most common insurance claims include:

Slip and Fall

A vendor visited your warehouse facility and sustained injuries after a slip and fall incident and sues the business for bodily injury.


A warehouse is destroyed during a windstorm and damaged heavy equipment and machinery as well as computers and printers.


A delivery van collided with another vehicle on the way to deliver products to a customer.


A warehouse experienced a cyberattack and the business went offline for several days, requiring IT and many other specialist services to get the business back online.

Cargo and Transit

Goods were damaged during delivery to a client.

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